Arkansas Vaping Laws

Vaping has become a popular and healthier alternative to smoking. But with the recent rise in popularity, many people are wondering if vaping is legal in Arkansas.

This blog post will discuss what you need to know about Arkansas Vaping Laws and whether or not vaping is legal in this state.

Is Vaping Legal In Arkansas? Vaping is not legal in Arkansas. Vaping in Arkansas has been illegal since the state passed a law banning it on July 18, 2015.

The ban was put into place due largely because of its similarity with smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products that have long-been known for their negative health effects like cancer or lung disease among others.

The law states that it is illegal to use or possess an electronic cigarette, vaporizer and other related products in Arkansas.

This includes: – The sale of e-cigarettes by means such as vending machines; the distribution for free samples through a retail outlet’s sampling program (except where persons under 18 are not permitted); advertising on television after September 30, 2015; and advertising within 500 feet of a school.

Vaping in Public Places in Arkansas

In Arkansas it is illegal use an e cigarette in public places such a restaurants bars movie theaters airports workplaces schools hospitals nursing homes libraries museums

Can you buy Vapes online in Arkansas?

No, you can’t buy vapes online in Arkansas. The law prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes through any means, including online sales or mail-order transactions as well for distribution to minors under 18 years old and advertising on television after September 30th 2015.

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