Iowa Vaping Laws

The popularity of vaping has spread among young people like wildfire. Its popularity brought its health concerns to limelight, thus, bringing about regulations and restrictions upon vaping. 

To deal with these health concerns, Iowa laws on vaping place several restrictions on vaping.

Is it legal to vape in Iowa? Yes, it is legal to vape in Iowa. However, there are several rules and regulations regarding vaping; one of which is that a person must be at least 21 years of age to vape in Iowa. 

Vaping Age in Iowa

What is the vaping age in Iowa? The legal vaping age in Iowa is 21 years.

On June 29th, 2020, a new law was signed into effect raising the legal age of vaping to 21. This puts Iowa law in line with the federal law.

This law prohibits the possession, purchase, use of vapor products by persons under age 21.

Buying Vape in Iowa

How old do you have to be to buy vape in Iowa? To buy vape in Iowa a person must be at least 21 years of age.

Sale or distribution of vaping products to anyone under 21 years of age is strictly prohibited.  Even free vaping products cannot be handed out to anyone under age 21.

Can you buy vape at 18 in Iowa? No, a person of age 18 years cannot legally buy a vape in Iowa. 

Sale, distribution, purchase, possession or use of vaping products is prohibited for anyone under 21 years age.

Can you buy flavored vape juice in Iowa? Yes, you can buy flavored vape juice in Iowa.

As of now, there are no laws which prohibit sale or purchase of flavored vape juice in the state of Iowa.

Vaping Indoors in Iowa

Technically, you can vape indoors in Iowa.

There is no state law requiring prohibition on vaping indoors. However, individual businesses can prohibit the use of vape devices indoors.

Although a new law might come into effect which would prohibit vaping where smoking is prohibited. This law is yet to be passed.

Vaping in Public Places in Iowa

Can you vape in public places in Iowa? While there is no law prohibiting vaping in public places yet, businesses can forbid vaping in their premises.

The use of vapes is also prohibited on any University of Iowa campus, and on state-operated and owned buildings and outdoor grounds. 

Vaping While Driving in Iowa

Is it legal to vape and drive in Iowa? There are no laws that prohibit vaping and driving in Iowa. Although, vapers must still consider existing laws on safety and distracted driving.

Is it legal to vape in a car with a child in Iowa? Vaping in a car with a minor is not prohibited by any law in Iowa.

Juul Pods in Iowa

Are flavored Juul pods legal in Iowa? Yes, flavored Juul pods are legal in Iowa. However, Juul, now, only sells menthol and tobacco flavors in USA. 

You might find flavored Juul compatible pods.

In conclusion, while vaping is legal in Iowa, it is important to know the laws so that you never get into trouble because of vaping.

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