Nebraska Vaping Laws

When most people think about Nebraska, they think of wide open fields and country roads. They also probably don’t consider vaping laws to be a top priority for the state’s residents. However, as more and more people take up vaping as a hobby or even quit smoking cigarettes altogether with the help of e-cigarettes, it becomes increasingly important to know how legislation affects these products.

Is it legal to vape in Nebraska? Yes, it is legal to vape in Nebraska if one is over the age of 21. However, if you are under 21 it is illegal to consume/purchase e-cigarette related merchandise.

Vaping Age In Nebraska

What is the legal vaping age in Nebraska? The legal vaping age in Nebraska is 21 years old. If you are younger than 21 it is strictly prohibited to vape in the state of Nebraska.

Vaping was very popular and received insane attention in 2019 and as a result, the state began enacting legislation against Vaping to reduce the harm done to teenagers. These laws have raised the minimum age from 18 to 21. Officials argued that this law had the well-being of young people in mind.

Buying Vape In Nebraska

How old do you have to be to buy a vape in Nebraska? You have to be 21 or older to buy a vape in Nebraska. This is due to a new law that passed in 2019 regarding the minimum age requirement to vape.

In order to be legally able to buy a vape in Nebraska, you must be older than 21. If you are younger than that you will be denied access to a vape shop if you try to enter one after an employee checks out your government ID. 

Can you buy a vape at 18 in Nebraska? No, you can’t buy a vape in Nebraska at 18. The sale or distribution of electronic nicotine delivery systems to persons under age 21  is illegal.

Unfortunately, if you are 18 years old and live in Nebraska, you can’t purchase a vape just yet. You will have to wait to become 21 first, to be able to. This decision was made by lawmakers to battle nicotine addiction amongst young people. Vaping was becoming increasingly popular and some new measures had to be taken.

Can you buy flavored vape juice in Nebraska? No, you can not buy flavored vape juice in Nebraska. Federal law prohibits the sale of system devices containing e-liquid in flavors other than tobacco or menthol.

This federal law was enforced because young people were not only addicted to the nicotine of vaping but also to the flavor. So, in an attempt to battle this problem they banned flavored vape juice. This action definitely brought the vaping numbers down.

Vaping Indoors In Nebraska

Can you vape indoors in Nebraska? Yes, you can vape indoors in Nebraska. Nebraska’s Clean Indoor Air Act has not been amended to prohibit vaping where smoking is illegal.

Since there is no official law that states indoor vaping is considered prohibited indoors, you can vape in indoor places unless explicitly stated otherwise. That means that if there is a sign that says “vaping not allowed” you have to respect that. So when going to a new place where you don’t know the law, ask the staff.

Vaping In Public Places In Nebraska

Can you vape in public places in Nebraska? Yes, you can vape in public places in Nebraska. Currently, there are no state-wide restrictions on the use of vapes in public places in Nebraska. 

However, there are certain regional and local government restrictions that need to be considered to ensure compliance with regulations. So make sure you check them out, before vaping in a public place. Failure to comply with local regulations could result in some hefty fines.

Vaping While Driving In Nebraska

Is it legal to vape and drive in Nebraska? Yes, it is legal to vape and drive in Nebraska. However one needs to be careful and be able to drive without putting his own or others’ lives in danger.

While technically speaking there are no laws in place right now, that prohibit vaping and driving, you should make sure you are able to before you try it. Driving with one hand is not the best idea, and could possibly be a safety hazard.

Is it legal to vape in a car with a child in Nebraska? Yes, it is legal to vape in a car with a child inside in Nebraska.

Even though vaping with a minor in the car is not illegal, it is advisable to keep the windows open so the nicotine-filled smoke can escape from the inside of the car. If one drives with his windows completely shut while vaping all the smoke gets trapped inside and could possibly impair the windshield visibility.

Juul Pods In Nebraska

What is the minimum age to buy Juul pods in Nebraska? The minimum age to buy Juul pods in Nebraska is 21 years old. If you are younger than 21 it is illegal to purchase any type of e-cigarette.

This law is in place to avoid e-cigarette addiction in young people since many would consider the age of 18  still a teenager. As vaping was becoming increasingly popular among teenagers this law was created to make vaping as safe as possible for everyone.

Are flavored Juul pods legal in Nebraska? Flavored Juul pods are not legal in Nebraska. After 2019 all sales of flavored Juul pods were prohibited and only tobacco or menthol-flavored pods were allowed to be sold.

Flavors in Juul pods were the best sellers for teens. In order to reverse the teen-vaping epidemic, a law was passed to make vaping less lucrative to young people and turn them away from this habit. This law went into effect in 2019 and has remained put since then. To this day, no changes have been made.

Vaping in Nebraska is allowed if you are over the age of 21, flavored pods, however, have been banned so if one chooses to vape in the state of Nebraska he will have to use tobacco or menthol-flavored vaping juices.

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