North Carolina Vaping Laws

More and more teens begin vaping across the US. Reports show that e-cigarettes are more popular among teens than adults. However, vaping devices do not come without health risks. Many teens end up with lung disease and even death from vaping. This is why it has come to the attention of the law-makers to regulate the use of vapes among young adults. This post touches upon the laws regarding vaping products and their use in North Carolina. 

Is it legal to vape in North Carolina? Yes, you can legally vape in North Carolina. You must familiarize yourself with regulations regarding their use. The regulations cover the use, places, and flavors used in vaping products. 

Vaping Age in North Carolina 

What is the legal vaping age in North Carolina? You are legally allowed to vape at 21 years of age in North Carolina. The new age restrictions came into force when the federal government passed a law on Dec. 20, 2019. The law prohibits all retailers from selling tobacco and e-cigarettes products to anyone under 21 years of age. 

As health risks are growing among those who vape, states all across the USA have taken measures to deal with the issue at hand. More and more states are prohibiting vaping among teens. 

Buying Vape in North Carolina 

How old do you have to be to buy vape in North Carolina? You must be at least 21 years old to buy vapes in North Carolina. The amended regulation took place on Dec. 20, 2019. 

You are not allowed to distribute/sell any vaping products to anyone under the age of 21 in North Carolina. The newly introduced regulations are there to protect teens, since reports have shown the considerable effect of vaping on those who vape. 

Can you buy vapes at 18 in North Carolina? No, you are not allowed to buy vapes at 18 in North Carolina. You can only legally purchase vaping devices at 21 in North Carolina. However, you could legally purchase vapes at 18 prior to 2019.

Under federal law, it is prohibited to sell tobacco to minors younger than 21. It is upheld in the state by only FDA. North Carolina’s Alcohol Law Enforcement agency cannot endorse the law. The new regulations are passed to dissuade young adults from vaping. 

Can you buy flavored vape juices in North Carolina? You cannot legally buy vape juices in North Carolina. Juul agreed with the state to accept the Food and Drug Administration’s approval to deal with flavors. 

Since Juul agreed to go with what the FDA has ruled regarding flavors, you cannot legally purchase vape juices in North Carolina. 

Vaping Indoors in North Carolina 

Can you vape indoors in North Carolina? Yes, you can legally vape indoors in North Carolina. The state does not have a statewide ban on vaping indoors. You may choose to vape indoors if you wish. So far, there are no regulations passed by NC that would regulate vaping in governmental buildings and public places. 

Even though NC has no laws to regulate vaping indoors, it does not give you the ultimate right to vape anywhere you want. There might be regulations that bar and restaurant owners pass to prohibit vaping on their premises. You must ensure that you are not breaking any laws in that regard. 

Vaping in Public Places in North Carolina 

Can you vape in public places in North Carolina? You can vape in public places in North Carolina. No laws have been passed by North Carolina state to explicitly ban vaping in public places.

The General Assembly of North Carolina prohibits smoking in public places. It covers, workplace, restaurants, governmental buildings, and schools. Since smoking is not allowed in public places, you might want to avoid vaping as well. 

Vaping While Driving in North Carolina

Is it legal to vape and drive in North Carolina? Technically, you can vape and drive in North Carolina. It is not illegal to do that. You might be pleased to find out that it is legal to vape and drive but you ought to take road safety into consideration. 

Law enforcement cannot prosecute you for vaping while driving. However, the police might stop you if they notice clouds of smoke in your car while driving. You might be held liable for driving without attention and care. 

Is it legal to vape in a car with a child in North Carolina? You are legally allowed to vape in a car with a child in North Carolina. There are currently no laws banning drivers from smoking in the presence of children. Before you choose to smoke or vape when children are present, you must be aware of the harm that vaping and smoking can cause. 

Based on reports issued by the Centers for Disease Control, more than two million people have died from being exposed to second-hand smoke. You should not vape nor smoke when children are present. 

Juul Pods in North Carolina 

What is the age to buy Juul pods in North Carolina? You are legally allowed to buy Juul pods in North Carolina. Only a handful of US states prohibit Juul pods. If you find yourself in a different state, make sure you familiarize yourself with their regulations regarding Juul pods. 

You should be aware of where you choose to use Juul pods. In places where smoking is not allowed, you should try to avoid using Juul pods. 

Are flavored Juul pods legal in North Carolina? Yes, you can legally purchase flavored Juul pods in North Carolina. Keep in mind, however, that you must be at least 21 years old to legally buy flavored Juul pods in NC. 

While you can legally buy flavored Juul pods in NC, there is a temporary ban in eight US states. If you are purchasing flavored Juul pods in NC, you must check whether you are legally allowed to buy them. 

In conclusion, you are allowed to vape in North Carolina provided that you are at least 21 years old and choose the right place.