Utah Vaping Laws

Throughout USA, different states have varying laws for the regulation of vaping. Such different laws can naturally be confusing for consumers.

This article lays out all the necessary information about vaping laws in Utah. It will tell you what’s legal and what’s illegal so that you can vape without breaking any law.

Is it legal to vape in Utah? Yes, vaping in general is legal in Utah. However, it is subject to certain rules and regulations laid down by the state.

This article will explore these regulations to determine the precautions to take while vaping in Utah.

Vaping Age in Utah

What is the legal vaping age in Utah? The legal age for vaping in Utah is 21 years. The purchase/possession of vaping products is strictly prohibited for anyone under the age of 21 years.

In 2019, the federal minimum age was raised from 18 to 21 years. Following the same Utah raised the minimum age for vaping in July of 2020.

Buying Vape in Utah

How old do you have to be to buy vape in Utah? A person must be 21 years old to buy vape in Utah. Purchase/possession of electronic cigarette product by person younger than 21 years of age prohibited.

Utah has placed numerous rules upon vaping businesses to ensure that they don’t sell or distribute vaping products to persons below 21 years of age. 

Can you buy vape at 18 in Utah? No, you cannot buy vape at 18 years of age in Utah.

Utah has one of the strictest legislations in the US when it comes to restriction on youth access to vaping products. The businesses do not sell vaping products anyone below 21 years of age. 

Can you buy flavored vape juice in Utah? Yes, as of now you can buy flavored vape juice in Utah.

The state tried to ban flavored vape juice excluding only stores licensed as specialty tobacco shop in 2019. However, it was overturned soon after.

Vaping Indoors in Utah

Can you vape indoors in Utah? No, you cannot vape indoors in Utah.

Vaping is prohibited in all indoor places exempting only 

(1) designated hotel/motel smoking rooms, 

(2) areas of owner-operated businesses with no employees besides the owner, and 

(3) American Indian religious and cultural ceremonies.

The State of Utah has enacted laws that make it illegal for residents and visitors alike from using vaporizing products inside their private residences or any building where smoking cigarettes permits are not allowed like public places such as restaurants, arcades, government buildings and more

Vaping in Public Places in Utah

Can you vape in public places in Utah? It is illegal to vape in public places in Utah.

Utah banned smoking e-cigarettes in public places such as most restaurants or parks. The ban was a result of classifying e-cigarettes in the same category as traditional tobacco products, such as regular cigarettes, cigars, and hookahs.

Vaping While Driving in Utah

Is it legal to vape and drive in Utah? There are no laws that prohibit vaping and driving in Utah. Although, it is the driver’s responsibility that their driving does not become reckless due to vaping.

Is it legal to vape in a car with a child in Utah? It is illegal to vape in a vehicle if anyone under 15 years of age is present. 

This law stems from the data that even a small amount of vapor substance might be harmful for a child.

Juul Pods in Utah

Flavored Juul pods are legal in Utah. However, Juul, now, only sells menthol and tobacco flavors in USA. 

You might find flavored Juul compatible pods.

The laws on vaping vary from state to state and even local area, so it’s worth checking the detail of each locality before using your vape.

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